The team manager of Ferrari has expressed his uncertainty as to whether Sebastian Vettel will remain at the team for much longer.

He expressed that for a driver to perform well at the track, he must be comfortable with the car and apparently Vettel is not left out.

Vettel is not the only one with this plight as the team manager has also said that he wasn’t sure if Kimi Raikkonen will still be remaining with the team after the end of the new 2017 season.

This is quite the twist seeing as the Ferrari team had confirmed that Sebastian Vettel and Raikkonen will be their first choice for the 2017 season while a youngster, Antonio Giovinazzi has been signed up into the team as their reserve driver.

However, it seems there might be a hitch with the plan as Sergio Marchionne, the team boss has said this week that he is not exactly certain of how long the two senior drivers will be remaining at the Italian team.

“I saw Raikkonen at his best in 2016, but I do not know if he wants to go beyond 2017,” Marchionne had said in an interview with Italian news paper Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Regarding the renewal of Vettel, it’s early to talk about it because first he must be comfortable with the car of 2017,” he said.

He explained that he has to drive really well with the team’s competitive car.

“We have to give him a competitive car and he has to drive well.”

Vettel has had his share of ups and downs with the team as he has struggled to remain competitive a few times in the team. The team has not won a race in the F1 since 2105 in Singapore and has only finished third at the world constructors championship.